JK's Art

My Girl by JK Dooley


JK's award-winning watercolors can be found in collections across the United  States and in Europe. Rodeos throughout the West contribute to her subject matter.  The dramatic play of light and shadow on saddles,  boots, chaps and other cowboy array continually inspire.

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JK Dooley Fabric Art


Fabric collage wall hangings and books featuring JK's paintings and/or vintage photos. 

Personalize them! Find that box of photos in your closet, and let’s get started!! These  fabric collage books and wall hangings can feature your family history,  buffalo, cowboy art and more.

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Pen & Ink by JK Dooley

Ink & Bead Art

These little ink images are original pen and ink drawings. Tiny dots of ink come together to create many of the animals  found here in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Other subjects on the way!

My wearable bead art, like my fabric art, is free form and one of a kind. I incorporate one or all of the following into each piece - pounded copper or silver, local found rocks from the Black Hills, gemstones,  glass beads and an occasional surprise.  You may view some samples by choosing 'Bead Art' from the menu at the top of the page.

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